About Us

Alteox is a company based in Luxembourg - the very middle of Europe. Our unique geographical location enables a perfect connection with all our global partners. Did you know that in Luxembourg we speak English, French, German and Luxembourgish? But it does not end here, our international team ads even more languages to the mix: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Bulgarian. There will surely be no language barrier ;)

We have over fifteen years of experience and strong track record in broadcasting, video content acquisition and international distribution, digital media & ICT, ranging from TV, app and web development, server administrator to project management.

As early adopters, we take great pleasure in exploring new technologies, big or small, evaluating them and analysing how they can best serve our customers to improve their products and services.

Our international team is based across different worldwide locations covering a wide variety of skill sets and backgrounds. Our global network enables us to find the most appropriate solution or the best fitting partner to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.