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Linear & VOD Content Distribution

Linear & VOD Content Acquisition

Content Acquisition is one of the cornerstones of our business. Our content acquisition team expertly assists Pay-TV operators and OTT platforms sourcing new linear and VOD content and managing distribution rights to optimise margins.

Working with over 100 broadcasters across ten countries, we offer full linear and VOD content strategy from start to finish. Along with our expertise in content negotiations, we can also deliver the streams, encoded and transcoded in the format required for relevant platforms.

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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Our technical team offers advice in any enquiries concerning Digital Rights Management (DRM) as well as developing streaming service platforms including encoding profiles.

We help our customers protect their content through multi-encryption in order to deliver it to the end-viewer securely. We use the latest best practices supported by major studios, which include multi DRM encryption and support platforms such as Playready, Widewine, Fairplay among others. We can help you with setting up the best DRM solution for your business


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