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Are you looking to improve your metadata quality and boost your Pay-TV subscriptions?

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With an enormous database of over 650 TV channels’ worth of meta-information, we offer great content to suit your needs.

By connecting to our database, we update your network in real-time with the metadata of the channels available. This means channels’ descriptions, logos, trailers and more, are regularly updated and fed into your network, keeping the channels looking fresh and inviting.

All this information is available in multiple languages and via an automated interface (API). This allows you to connect your STB, webpage and/or mobile applications to our comprehensive system easily.


To ensure all the meta information in our backend is the most up to date, we are regularly in contact with relevant broadcasters, incorporating the latest developments and trends.

Updated metadata ensures that among other things, your channels receive the latest released trailers, proven to help encourage customers to subscribe to Pay-TV channels.


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