Content Owners

IPTV & VOD Security

Illegal Signal Detection:

We can help you to detect if your channel has been compromised and a pirating network is redistributing your channel signal illegally on the Internet.

We’ve developed a service, a so-called crawler which browses the Internet looking for TV signals on public websites and illegal forums. Once detected, the illegal streams are being added to our database so that we can analyse the source and help you stop the illicit distribution. We are currently monitoring over 4,000 channels in our database.

Signal Protection:

We are experts in digital rights management and we work with all protection techniques from DRM, Tokenization to Geo-restrictions so we can help you to better protect your signal.

We can analyze your web streams to determine whether you are using the best protection possible and if not, we will advise on how to secure your signal in the best possible way.

VOD Protection:

Our team can analyse your VOD service and detect whenever your security isn’t strong enough to beat against hacking attacks on your content. We can help you to secure your content using the latest security technologies, DRMs, Widewine, Playready or Fairplay.


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