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Al Jazeera forms a strategic partnership with Alteox to expand its hotel distribution

Al Jazeera Media Network and Alteox are proud to announce a strategic partnership aimed at expanding the distribution of Al Jazeera English and Arabic news channels. The partnership will leverage Alteox’s existing international channels to bring Al Jazeera's comprehensive news and current affairs coverage to new audiences in the hospitality markets Worldwide.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Alteox and expand our reach in the hospitality sector. At Al Jazeera, our mission is to provide audiences worldwide with the highest-quality news and current affairs coverage," said Ramzan Al Naimi, the Acting Executive Director of Al Jazeera’s Global Brand and Communications Division. "Through this partnership with Alteox, we can now reach new audiences and continue to deliver our award-winning programming and in-depth investigations to travelers worldwide."

Al Jazeera, as a pioneering news network, provides its global audience with in-depth news and programs from around the world. The partnership with Alteox with a proven track record of providing leading news, TV entertainment, sports, and movie channels in multiple languages to the hospitality and cable operators will provide another opportunity to expand Al Jazeera’s reach to over 25,000 hotel rooms adding to the Network’s global reach within the hospitality sector in over 4 million hotel rooms.

"We are excited to partner with Al Jazeera and extend our range of high-quality content for the hospitality industry. Alteox has always been committed to delivering diverse and engaging programming to hotels around the world. This collaboration with Al Jazeera allows us to offer even more exceptional news and current affairs content to our partners and their guests. We believe this partnership will significantly enhance the in-room entertainment experience for travelers," said Sven Breckler, CEO of Alteox.

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