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Alteox and Motor Presse TV partner to enhance the hotel guest experience

Luxembourg, 05.02.24 – Alteox is thrilled to announce its strategic alliance with Motor Presse TV, the driving force behind the renowned Auto Motor und Sport Channel. This groundbreaking partnership aims to introduce the captivating world of automobiles to hotels worldwide, transforming the in-room entertainment experience for travelers and automotive enthusiasts across the globe.

In today's fast-evolving hospitality landscape, delivering an exceptional guest experience is paramount. At alteox, we are proud to collaborate with Motor Presse TV, allowing us to provide an unparalleled entertainment offering to hotels worldwide. With this exciting partnership, the Auto Motor und Sport Channel will now be accessible through alteox HotelTV, offering hotel guests access to a diverse array of automotive content, including exclusive interviews, test drives, reviews, and behind-the-scenes coverage.

Global Reach: Travelers from all corners of the world will have the privilege of enjoying Auto Motor und Sport Channel's world-class automotive content during their hotel stays. This partnership will extend the reach of Auto Motor und Sport Channel to millions of hotel rooms, making it readily available to a diverse and international audience.

Enhanced Guest Experience: By integrating the Auto Motor und Sport Channel into alteox HotelTV, hotels can elevate their guests' in-room entertainment experience. Whether guests are passionate about cars or simply seeking engaging content, this partnership will cater to their entertainment desires.

At alteox, we believe that this collaboration will set a new industry standard for in-room entertainment in the hotel sector. It exemplifies our shared dedication to providing unforgettable experiences for hotel guests worldwide.

"We are truly excited about our partnership with Auto Motor und Sport Channel," said Sven Breckler, CEO at alteox. "This collaboration signifies an incredible opportunity to bring the world of automobiles to a global audience and enhance travelers' hotel experiences worldwide."

Together with Motor Presse TV, alteox is steering the future of in-room entertainment within the hotel industry, offering guests a remarkable automotive experience during their stays. 

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