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Edutainment channels for kids; ducktv & ducktv plus, come to PostTV

POST Luxembourg is happy to welcome to its platform the acclaimed children's edutainment channels; ducktv & ducktv plus. This agreement provides another opportunity for PostTV to diversify their content and ensure that its content caters for all age groups in the family setup.

PostTV is the largest IPTV provider in Luxembourg.

ducktv & ducktv plus, aimed at children from 6 months to 4-year-old, offer programming designed to help children develop their cognitive, visual and auditory abilities as well as stimulate their emotional and intellectual development. ducktv plus and ducktv short episode programs provide a wholesome, educational, entertaining and relaxing avenue through which parents can play and spend time with their children.

The channel is now available in the Entertain Me package.

Alteox Media Consulting is the exclusive content provider for PostTV offer and was at the forefront in facilitating this partnership. Sven Breckler, CEO Alteox, noted that ‘We are all about diversity on PostTV, and  are happy to begin this year with a partnership that will  make PostTV a wholesome family platform.’

We are very excited about the partnership with PostTV and the opportunity to bring our kids channels to families in Luxembourg. We are focusing on the highest quality experience, which is not interrupted by advertisements and provides a safe environment for our little viewers.’ said Pavol Miller, executive director of MEGA MAX MEDIA, the company behind ducktv & ducktv plus.

The channels are now available to all PostTV subscribers

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