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Experience the world of fashion in its most brilliant details

POST Luxembourg, the leading IPTV distributor in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, and Alteox Media Consulting are proud to present the newest addition to the channel portfolio of PostTV: Fashion TV UHD 4K is coming to Luxembourg!

As the name bears it, Fashion TV UHD 4K comes in fantastic sharpness and amazing colors, offering a wide array of content, including fashion, style, beauty and trends. The channel caters to its audience by providing original, unbiased and informative programming not available on other networks, thus providing the only real equivalent to fashion-focused print media.

With its modern and cosmopolitan style, Fashion TV UHD 4K makes a long awaited and warmly welcomed addition to the Entertain Me package, offered by PostTV. Entertain Me is a revolutionary Pay-Tv feature only available to POST customers that offers an unmatchable agency for the audience: The customer can decide from an extensive catalogue of options which channels to include in their customized package.

Alteox is the exclusive content provider for PostTV and responsible for the improved collaboration between the distributor and Fashion TV. “We’ve been waiting to welcome Fashion TV to our new Pay-Tv service. Now that the time has finally come, we feel that we are one enormous leap closer to offering our customers coverage of everything they are interested in”, says Sven Breckler, CEO of Alteox Media Consulting.

“We are pleased to be offering our unique 4K channel with exceptional image quality in Luxembourg in partnership with PostTV. FashionTV is a beauty and style TV channel and we present our audience with world class production, exclusive shows and the hottest up-and-coming fashion trends.

Now our fans in Luxembourg will be able to enjoy our programming in 4K definition: a life-like picture quality, sharper detail, smoother lines, and a richer color palette, bringing to life a real first row viewing experience.” commented Teresa Kirilova, Director Global Distribution in FashionTV.

The new channels are already implemented and available on PostTV.

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