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Leading the industry: Pioneering PayTV offer on PostTV

PostTV is among the first distributors worldwide to implement a ground-breaking feature onto its IPTV-platform. Entertain Me! is the newest subscription-based package available for customers, offering up to 100 channels in multiple languages. This array of content offers something for everybody: From programs for the youngest, to sports, and the most beautiful movies and series.

The main attraction of this new bouquet is its customizability. Instead of offering premade sets of channels for the audience, the users are now able to decide which (and how many) channels to include in the package. Channels can be added independently and removed just as easily: All subscriptions are based on a monthly runtime, which entails that users can easily opt out of existing subscriptions at the end of the month.

Customers can choose between 6 different packages, and customize the channels

Alteox Media Consulting is proud partner of POST Luxembourg for this pioneering project. For more information, have a look at the press coverage.

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