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Music for ears and eyes: Stingray DJAZZ and Stingray Classica now available on PostTV

Lovers of classical music, jazz enthusiasts, and casual fans are finally able to enjoy the very best of their favorite music on PostTV. With leading music, media, and technology company Stingray Group Inc., a new player enters the TV market in Luxembourg, offering two premium TV channels.

Stingray DJAZZ offers televised jazz concerts and performances, as well as high-quality documentaries. The channel explores a wide array of jazz, encompassing already-famous and beloved genres and performances while also highlighting new artists and concerts.

Stingray Classica features hundreds of the greatest operas,ballets, concerts, and documentaries produced in the highest quality. Filming locations include the most prestigious classical venues on the globe, including European and American opera houses and festivals.

The channels will be available on PostTV, the IPTV offer by POST Luxembourg, which is the largest player on the national market. All customers will be able to add the new channels to their “Entertain Me” package,a pioneering concept for the PayTV of the future. By adding these channels, POST is continuously diversifying its television content portfolio and listening to customers’ wishes.

Alteox is the exclusive content partner for POST Luxembourg and responsible for the strong collaboration between the distributor and Stingray. “I am proud that we found an agreement with Stingray since their channels are highly praised and valued by many audiences around the world,” said Sven Breckler, CEO of Alteox Media Consulting. “This is a welcome addition to the portfolio of Entertain Me.”

“Stingray is very happy to announce this deal with Post Luxembourg as it represents the final piece of the Benelux puzzle for Stingray DJAZZ and Stingray Classica,” announced Rob Overman, Artistic Director Classical Music and Jazz of Stingray. “The high-quality programming of our channels is a perfect fit for the Entertain-Me package. We look forward to collaborating with more cultural institutions in Luxembourg.”

The new channels are already available on PostTV. Want to see some press coverage? Click here.

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