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POST Luxembourg and Turner seal deal to add multiple channels to “Entertain Me”

PostTV is among the first distributors worldwide to have implemented a ground-breaking customizable feature onto its IPTV-platform. Entertain Me! is a subscription-based package available for customers, offering more than 70 channels in multiple languages. This array of content offers something for everybody: From programs for the youngest, to sports, and the most beautiful movies and series. Instead of offering premade sets of channels for the audience, the users are now able to decide which and how many channels to include in their package. Channels can be added independently and removed just as easily.

Industry giant Turner France has now agreed to feature some of its most well-known channels in this Pay-Tv package: TCM, Cartoon Network, and Boomerang are now available, all in high definition quality. Moreover, some new channels have been added to the portfolio, including Toonami HD, WarnerTV HD, and Boing HD. The channels are available in French and English. Entertain Me! is thus growing further and enhancing its content spectrum by adding channels of another major content creator that recognized the potential of a choice-based subscription package.

Alteox Media Consulting is proud partner of POST Luxembourg and played a crucial role in facilitating this deal. “It is always an honour when a large player decides to go with the new Entertain me concept and work with us.”, said Sven Breckler, CEO of Alteox. “The different Turner channels provide a great supplement to our catalogue and increase the value of our offer. Our customers gain even more options with the newest additions.”

We got some press coverage for this announcement, you can find some examples here, here and here.

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