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PostTV picks up four German RTL channels

Alteox Media Consulting has announced the launch of four RTL channels on PostTV, the biggest TV platform in Luxembourg. 

Alteox is an exclusive content provider for POST Luxembourg and has facilitated this latest partnership. 

PostTV subscribers will be able to enjoy RTL Living, RTL Crime, RTL Passion, and GEO Télévision as a part of the “Entertain Me!” package. 

Entertain Me! package offers more than 100 channels in English, German, French and other languages and allows subscribers to personalise their bundle by adding and removing channels independently each month. 

RTL Living focuses on lifestyle, cooking, fashion and travelling. RTL Crime is dedicated to the best international crime series, exclusive German premieres and exciting true crime formats. RTL Passion offers love, romance, passion, jealousy and intrigue in best-loved soaps and telenovelas. GEO Television is home to the best documentaries in the world, with award-winning pieces on nature, technology, adventure and world events. 

Sven Breckler, the CEO of Alteox Media Consulting, noted: “In our continuing efforts to diversify the content offer of the "Entertain Me!" package, we are excited to introduce four new RTL channels which we are very confident will be the right fit with our subscribers’ interests and passions”.

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