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The era of esports has begun: ES1 arrives on PostTV in Luxembourg

Good news for the growing community of e-sports supporters in Luxembourg: POST Luxembourg and ES1 have reached an agreement to implement one of the leading TV channels in the domain of electronic sports. Customers now have even more choices over which channels to subscribe to in their “Entertain Me” package.

“Entertain Me” is a leading innovation in the global television market, offering a customizable bundle of channels to its audience. PostTV now lets the customer decide which channels to include in their personalized Pay TV bundle and subscriptions can be modified on a monthly basis. Every single customer can decide between multiple package sizes, varying in amount of channels and price.

From now on, ES1 will be a part of this offer and further enhance the choice of PostTV customers. The e-sports focused TV channel offers amazing insights into the world of gaming, which is becoming ever more important to global audiences and media professionals. Hitshows, such as ‘Battle Arena’, ‘Frag’, and ‘Le Mag ES1’ are all part of the stunning program. The channel is available in French to all customers of PostTV.

Alteox is the exclusive content provider for PostTV and responsible for the successful collaboration between the two parties. Sven Breckler, CEO of Alteox Media Consulting, said: “Being able to attract one of the leading global e-sports channels to be part of our pioneering offer is a big success. We are very happy that ES1 is now collaborating with POST Luxembourg.”

ES1 is proud to join POST Luxembourg reaching a larger esports audience and providing all its original contents to all the esports fans.

The new channel is already implemented and available on PostTV.

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