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Stingray Karaoke

Stingray Karaoke

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  • Family

      About Stingray Karaoke

      What’s better than karaoke?

      The full catalog of more than 20,000 licensed songs. 

      Get ready to pump up the volume and entertain your guests for hours at the best KARAOKE party in town!

      With TODAY's HITS ? and yesterday’s CLASSICS ?, you can choose from over 20,000*  KARAOKE SONGS to sing today with even more songs added every Friday.

      It's your karaoke party, and you can sing if you want to! Keep your celebration going by adding up to 100 free songs to the SONG QUEUE. Let your party guests choose to sing along with or without lead vocals. If you're worried about bandwidth costs, switch the  karaoke player to display the karaoke lyrics on black, rather than streaming the HIGH-QUALITY VIDEOS. Free feels good!


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